5 September 2017

It’s official. Learners will soon be allowed motorway lessons.

Motorways have always been statistically safer than other roads, which might sound like an odd thing to say at first when you think about the number of vehicles using them and the speeds involved. It makes sense if you think about it a little more though, as less confident drivers can stick to the inside […]

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1 September 2017

Parents’ guide to helping choose a driving instructor

Learning to drive is one of the major milestones in many people’s lives, opening up loads of possibilities. Plenty of young adults across the UK are still keen to start taking lessons as soon as possible after turning 17, but there are quite a few other things they’re not legally able to do at that […]

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30 August 2017

Buying your first car or upgrading? The most reliable small cars revealed

Here on The Root we’ve got our heads screwed on, knowing that many newly-qualified and young drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 can only buy first cars and replacement cars that are relatively affordable, as motoring isn’t cheap. Your car breaking down in the early years of your driving history sucks, so to […]

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4 August 2017

A young driver’s guide to smart motorways

All across the UK, ‘smart’ motorways are being rolled out – but what exactly are they? Sometimes referred to as ‘managed’ motorways, their main aim is to reduce congestion by helping traffic to flow more smoothly, allowing more vehicles to travel along them as a result, especially at peak times. It’s a great idea in […]

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27 July 2017

A video guide to pairing Carrot’s Better Driver app to your car using Bluetooth

When a customer buys a Better Driver policy with Carrot Insurance, they will need to pair our app to their car using Bluetooth. Some relatively modern cars have Bluetooth built in, but many older cars don’t have a ‘native’ Bluetooth system. Fortunately, Carrot came up with an excellent solution called the Wingman. It enables customers whose cars […]

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25 July 2017

What do you do if you hit an animal while driving?

The last thing on most drivers’ minds when they’re enjoying motoring on jam-free roads through the countryside or heading off to the cinema on an evening is that they could end up hitting an animal. It can happen to any of us, though, and can be especially upsetting for young and newly-qualified drivers. Seeing as […]

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15 July 2017

Prepare to be amazed…

If we’re honest, loads of us like to catch at least a few minutes of celebrity ‘reality’ TV shows and do a bit of lifestyle daydreaming. It’s the same with the world of autonomous or ‘driverless’ cars. Even if they were allowed on public roads, they’d currently be way too expensive for most people to […]

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6 July 2017

Driving and hay fever: a young driver’s guide

With mega itchy eyes, constant sneezing, a prickly throat and a nose that never seems to stop running, hay fever can be truly horrid, affecting exams, work, downtime and even driving. From March right through to September, anyone who suffers from hay fever has got our sympathy. At least you’re not alone, with tens of […]

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22 June 2017

‘Only a fool’ does what when it comes to driving?

The answer is ‘breaks the two-second rule’, which is something that a leading road safety organisation called GEM Motoring Assist is keen to promote at the moment because they’re concerned that a large chunk of drivers aren’t aware of the rule. Regular readers of The Root will know how much Carrot Insurance cares about road […]

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