25 December 2016

12 best blogs for young drivers on The Root in 2016

Whenever you’ve stayed in on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the occasion with family and friends, you’ll probably have seen one of those TV programmes looking back at the last twelve months.

At the same time as wishing all our policyholders and readers a very happy Christmas and New Year, we thought we’d do the same on The Root and pick the standout blog from each of the last twelve months.

Unfortunately we can’t make a bit of chocolate pop out of your computer or tablet screen for each month you scroll down to, but The Root is for young and newly qualified drivers, so it’ll be worth your while.

January 2016

From wearable car technology like voice-controlled watches and Microsoft Office embedded into cars’ dashboards, to gesture-controlled hologram displays and cars with cameras instead of wing mirrors, the hot news in January was the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; and you can be sure we’ll bring you the latest news from 2017’s show, too.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - CES 2016 slider



Any readers of The Root who drive an oldish car such as a Ford Ka, VW Polo, Nissan Micra or Fiat Punto would’ve been able to tell their mates that a famous celebrity used to drive the same car, too, after checking out our feature “Celebrities’ reasonably priced cars there’s a chance you also drive” – and we’re not talking about random celebs nobody’s heard of, but true A-listers.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - cheap celebrity first cars drive own top



This month was a toughie, as it was crammed with so many really useful posts on basic do-it-yourself car maintenance, advice on how to improve your Carrot Driving Style score and the reasons we don’t cover modifications. But if we had to pick one post (which we do) it’d have to be ‘Ten excellent money-saving tips for young drivers’, as who doesn’t like to save money so that they’ve got more to spend on the nicer things in life?

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - ten money saving motoring tips



Another month from which it was a challenge to highlight one blog in particular, as we wrote about the amazing future in store for motorists and communities, explained what an underwriter is and does, gave a low-down on MoT tests and came up with 10 practical tips for new drivers. The article from April that we’re going to shine the spotlight on, though, is ‘Top tips for young drivers buying a used car’, because all the other advice is pretty irrelevant if you end up buying a rubbish and unreliable car in the first place.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - Top tips for young drivers buying a used car - head



Following on nicely from the previous month’s car-buying tips, the standout post from May has got to be when we revealed the most reliable small cars around, which will hopefully help the young and newly-qualified drivers Carrot Insurance covers to end up behind the wheel of cars that won’t let them down.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - Which brands and small cars are the most reliable



It seems like ages ago, but this was the month when the Great British public voted in support of Brexit in the EU referendum, and it was also when we blogged about ex-Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews performing inside an electric car. With the UK not exactly famous for basking in glorious sunshine and sticky temperatures very often, June’s star post is full of motorway driving tips because, let’s face it, most drivers have to go on a motorway at some point sooner or later.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - Motorway driving tips for young and newly-qualified drivers - main



Carrot Insurance’s Better Driver customers who drive older cars that don’t have in-built Bluetooth were given a nice boost in July when The Root explained how our Wingman dongle or ‘beacon’ makes it possible for them to still benefit from our telematics technology to help them become safer and more efficient drivers, earning rewards at the same time.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - Wingman Bluetooth beacon dongle - main



A month bulging with motoring news from Pokémon GO and the Forza Motorsport 6 video game, to Blown-ups, gorgeous pedestrians and driving test delays, the unmissable blog from August was our independent road-test review of the new Suzuki Baleno, which is a brilliant car with a realistic 1-litre engine; a potential Carrot Insurance customer hit in years to come.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - news - full new Suzuki Baleno Boosterjet road test review - main



As well as bringing you a full guide to Apple CarPlay a fun look at the coolest small orange cars out there and news of a brilliant invention benefitting poor countries, regular readers of The Root will know that we’re big on safety, and we provided safety tips for driving during the school run and when cyclists are around, tying in with the Tour of Britain.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - back to school 20mph children safety, Tour of Britain 2016 Cheshire - main



Parents and guardians would have found our young driver car insurance guide really useful, and it was interesting for people to find out which countries have the toughest driving tests, but the pick is definitely the article on Driving Style Scores, explaining how our customers can get the most out of their telematics car insurance policies.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - Driving Style Scores explained



Halloween and Bonfire Night over, the focus for the penultimate month of the year was firmly on Road Safety week from the charity called Brake, which we’re keen fans of, as it’s such a great life-saving initiative. Instead of droning on about the negatives, we looked at positive reasons for driving safely and how it benefits our young drivers in loads of different ways.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - Road Safety Week 2016 Pledge - 8 positive reasons to drive safely - main



Hands up, we may have eaten a few mince pies over the keyboard, but The Root has been very much in full-swing in the last month of another year that’s raced by, and thinking ahead to the numerous car journeys that so many drivers will be making over the Christmas and New Year holidays, the featured post for December is without doubt on what to do if you break down.

Carrot Insurance telematics young drivers blog - car breakdown advice motorways UK - main


We’d like to give a shout out to everyone who reads The Root and really hope you’re also fans of Carrot Insurance on Twitter and Facebook. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and stay tuned to The Root in 2017 for more great motoring stuff for younger drivers.

Oliver Hammond

Written by Oliver Hammond

Oliver is an established freelance motoring writer, published journalist and automotive copywriter based in Manchester. He regularly reviews cars and covers events and launches as editor of petroleumvitae.com and his articles appear in various magazines each month. No relation to Richard from Top Gear, he’s got a weakness for luxo-barges, proper 4x4s and oddball cars.