10 September 2015

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show – tasty teasers

Dreaming seldom harms anyone, so this week on The Root, I thought we’d give our lovely readers a glimpse of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens in a week’s time. Car makers keep releasing news of hot new cars that will feature at the show, but here’s my snapshot of the interesting stuff revealed so far.

Jaguar F-Pace

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, Carrot Insurance telematics, Jaguar F-Pace SUV


Crossovers are all the rage these days and with many prestige car firms already in on the act, it’s now Jaguar’s turn. Their first ever SUV “performance crossover”, the F-Pace will be built using a large percentage of aluminium to keep it light and agile, will feature a sophisticated all-wheel drive system and bosses say it’ll handle similarly to their F-Type sports car.

Citroën Cactus M

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, Carrot Insurance telematics, Citroen Cactus M concept car Mehari


Still a concept car at this stage, it’ll be cool if Citroën actually decides to produce and sell this modern day beach buggy, whose design takes lots of boat influences. The quirky exterior is complemented by an interior with waterproof seats made using wetsuit material, and the emphasis on toughness and fun means passengers can climb or jump in without opening the doors. With Grip Control and tall, narrow tyres, it’ll be fairly good off-road and does have a roof for when things get soggy. Unusual and very useful features also include a boot which turns into a bed and the roof can be inflated into a tent.

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, Carrot Insurance telematics, Rolls-Royce Dawn


A car for super rich businesspeople, Hollywood A-Listers and yes, probably one or two footballers, Rolls-Royce describes its new Dawn model as the sexiest car they’ve ever built. The company is proud that the Dawn can seat four adult passengers, not just briefcases or children able to fit in the back. As you would expect, it’s huge, posh, powerful, fast and expensive, costing roughly the same as a flat in a cheaper London suburb.

Suzuki Baleno

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, Carrot Insurance telematics, new Suzuki Baleno 2015 2016


Coming back down to earth with a dose of reality, Suzuki has confirmed it will be reviving the Baleno name, last seen on their late-1990s car, for the firm’s new B-segment car, which makes it a bit bigger than a Swift. It’ll be powered by a 1-litre, turbocharged, fuel efficient engine, will be launched in the UK in summer 2016 and should be good fun to drive, judging by how their other cars handle.

Vauxhall Vivaro Surf Concept

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, Carrot Insurance telematics, Vauxhall Vivaro Surf Concept van


I know it’s a van, but bear with me. This one is in a groovy bronze colour, has snazzy alloys designed by Irmscher, a humungous storage bay for BMX bikes, canoes, skis and all kinds of other outdoor gear, air suspension to make it handle nice and softly on UK roads and it even has a surfboard rack on top. A van for adventurers, it looks like Vauxhall will put this one into production and it’ll be built in Luton, in another boost for the UK car industry.

Bentley Bentayga

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, Carrot Insurance telematics, Bentley Bentayga SUV


I told you SUVs are the ‘in thing’ and many people were left horrified when they first heard that Bentley will be bringing one out. Here it is in all its glory and you may or may not like its styling, as it’s definitely a Marmite kind of car. Still, it’s tipped to be the most luxurious, powerful, exclusive and fastest 4×4 in the world. It’ll cost a fair few quid and will be built in Crewe, Cheshire, which is more good news for British manufacturing.

Smart fortwo cabrio

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015, Carrot Insurance telematics, Smart fortwo cabrio


I’ll end the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show preview with something more down to earth and affordable – the convertible version of the latest smart fortwo, for people who like the wind in their hair. Three different roof settings will ensure owners look cool in the city whatever the weather, and it’s set to be much safer than before. It’ll be relatively cheap to insure, with modest 71bhp and 90bhp 3-cylinder engines to choose from, and the Urban Style package raises the cool bar even higher.

If you’re lucky enough to be going to the Frankfurt Motor Show or have any questions about these new cars or indeed any others you’ve heard of, give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook

Oliver Hammond

Written by Oliver Hammond

Oliver is an established freelance motoring writer, published journalist and automotive copywriter based in Manchester. He regularly reviews cars and covers events and launches as editor of petroleumvitae.com and his articles appear in various magazines each month. No relation to Richard from Top Gear, he’s got a weakness for luxo-barges, proper 4x4s and oddball cars.