8 October 2015

A car designed for social media addicts

My grandma sometimes used to tell my cousin and I off, or at least have a bit of a dig at us, saying our smartphones were always strapped to our hips and had become an extension of our bodies. The slightly scary thing is, she used to say that in the days before I’d even really started using Facebook and other social media platforms.



I’m 33 and didn’t start using technology like a smartphone ‘til I was about 20, but these days, loads of kids are born into a world of connectivity, Wi-Fi and social media. Social sharing is the ‘in thing’, nobody content to do, say, see or think anything without then broadcasting it to the world, hoping to get ‘likes’ from friends.



Nissan calls this generation of people “share natives” and, in time for the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show in, err, Japan, the Japanese car firm has released details of a new concept car called Teatro For Dayz. It’s a weird name and it’s a weird car, too, but I can see where they’re coming from.

To try to provide “share natives” with a car fit for their lifestyles that heavily rely on the buzz of social media sharing, Nissan says they have “tossed out preconceived notions regarding vehicles”, gained an understanding that “what moves kids today is not what moved their parents” and have opened their minds to a “new definition of mobility.”



If my grandma were still around today and I drove a Nissan Teatro For Dayz, assuming they will actually sell a car like this in the future, she’d have solid ground for saying that social media had taken over my life. Reckoning that smartphone and gadget buffs prefer small cars that remind their of their small phones, the Nissan Teatro For Dayz concept is small in size, has fairly boxy styling reminiscent of their Cube model and the doors hinge open uniquely, blending the interior with the outside world.



People are used to charging their phones at home already, and the future of motoring largely lies with electric cars, so it’s no surprise that Nissan’s concept will be an EV (electric vehicle), too. It’ll also act as a ginormous battery for charging other gadgets and devices up with.

The inside and outside of the Teatro For Dayz are both plain white, Nissan specifically wanting them to act as blank canvases, which the driver can customise depending on their mood, changing the colour and choosing patterns to suit how they feel. The massive, futuristic dashboard is plain-looking, too, and when the car’s not being driven, it turns into an interactive touchscreen ‘wall’ for displaying social media, apps, the internet and whatever else you want, making it easy to share stuff with friends. As a formerly famous ‘car spotter’, it’s cool to learn that the Nissan Teatro For Dayz will also feature a camera that can instantly take pictures of anything in the area surrounding the car. Large screens in the rear can also be used for a whole range of multimedia and gaming, and the sound system will be absolutely mega, meaning the Teatro For Dayz will pretty much be a giant digital expression waggon.



If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, let us know whether you think Nissan’s Teatro For Dayz concept is nuts, cool or a mix of both, and tell us what you’d love to do with yours and how you’d customise it.

Oliver Hammond

Written by Oliver Hammond

Oliver is an established freelance motoring writer, published journalist and automotive copywriter based in Manchester. He regularly reviews cars and covers events and launches as editor of petroleumvitae.com and his articles appear in various magazines each month. No relation to Richard from Top Gear, he’s got a weakness for luxo-barges, proper 4x4s and oddball cars.