28 February 2017

A guide to taking out insurance with Carrot

Depending on your age, you might remember the large green driving licence counterparts printed on real paper. Yup, how old-fashioned! The government scrapped printed counterparts in June 2015, partly to save paper, taking everything online. You can read about it here on GOV.UK if you like.

Paper counterparts were often required to be shown by people hiring a car or perhaps to prove to their employer that they don’t have any penalty points, if their job involves a lot of driving. Now, you can still share your driving licence details with another organisation or person, but you first need to generate something called a DVLA ‘check code’ online.

If you’re applying for car insurance with Carrot, you’ll need to share the details of your provisional or full driving licence with us. To clear up any confusion, we’ve put together this guide so that you’ll have a clear idea of what we need to know so that we can give you an accurate quote, the docs that you need to send to us, and how you can send them.

What docs do you need to provide Carrot with?

We need you to send us a copy of the following for our records and so that we can give you an accurate quote:

  • your full/provisional driving licence (both front and back)
  • your online driving licence counterpart
  • details/proof of any no claims discount (NCD) you might have built up

How you can send this stuff to us

  • Taking online screenshots of your computer browser and emailing it to us
  • Taking photos with your smartphone or a real camera, then emailing them to us
  • Scanning to PDF/Jpg or similar, then emailing the info to us
  • Posting them by snail mail, if you can’t sort out any of the digital methods above

The email address to send your docs to is documents@carrotinsurance.com

Getting started

Nobody likes feeling flustered when making an application so, to help you feel more like Winston Wolfe, a hot tip is to have the following handy:

  • your driving licence number
  • your National Insurance (NI) number [unsure what it is? GOV.UK explains]
  • the postcode on your driving licence
Applying for young driver 18-30 car insurance with Carrot

How to get a DVLA licence ‘check code’ to share your online counterpart with us 

Don’t be put off by the jargon – it’s a pretty easy process in reality:

  • Use a desktop or laptop PC/Mac or a largish tablet – not a mobile phone (too small)
  • Go to this page on GOV.UK
  • Click the green ‘Start now’ button
  • Enter your driving licence number, National Insurance number and the postcode that appears on your licence
  • Tick the ‘I agree box’ and then click the green ‘View now’ button 

Now for the really important steps…

  • The first screen you’ll see has four large grey tabs running across the top
  • Click the ‘Share your licence information’ tab (located to the far-right)
  • Now click the green ‘Get a code’ button

The screen will update to look like this (and is not the online counterpart we need):

DVLA check code for Carrot Insurance arrows
  • Make a note of your temporary check code by copying and pasting it somewhere safe and memorable on your computer, tablet or phone, or by jotting it down on paper

Your DVLA licence check code will expire after 21 days, so it’s important to send it to Carrot promptly along with the docs we need.

Obtaining your online counterpart

  • Now click the text link that says ‘Print or save a driving summary’
  • Your driving licence summary will open as a PDF file (and is the online counterpart we need):
Carrot Insurance - DVLA Licence Check Code - Online Counterpart

You can send your online counterpart to us…

  • by email as a PDF attachment
  • as a screenshot as long as it’s good quality
  • by taking a photo of the computer screens with your phone, again as long as it’s good quality 

Getting an accurate car insurance quote

If you’re applying for insurance with our New Driver or Better Driver solutions, providing us with as much honest information as possible will allow us to give you an accurate quote, preventing delays later in the application process. We need to know things like the following:

  • The registration or the make and model of the car you want to insure
  • Whether it’s been modified outside or inside in any way (because we don’t insure modified cars)
  • Where the car will usually be kept overnight
  • Confirmation that you’ll be the main driver of the car
  • Whether you’re a student or you work, in which case we’ll need to know what your job is
  • How many miles per year you think/know you’ll be driving

Carrot sends insurance quotations by email, which will contain a confirmation of the annual premium price along with a reference code for when you’ve decided you’re ready to proceed.

Decided you want to go ahead with our policy? 

Buying car insurance with Carrot is very straightforward and can be done online or over the phone with a debit or credit card. We also accept online bank transfers and our account details are:


Contacting us

If you have any questions or problems along the way, get in touch with Carrot by:

Oliver Hammond

Written by Oliver Hammond

Oliver is an established freelance motoring writer, published journalist and automotive copywriter based in Manchester. He regularly reviews cars and covers events and launches as editor of petroleumvitae.com and his articles appear in various magazines each month. No relation to Richard from Top Gear, he’s got a weakness for luxo-barges, proper 4x4s and oddball cars.