30 August 2017

Buying your first car or upgrading? The most reliable small cars revealed

Here on The Root we’ve got our heads screwed on, knowing that many newly-qualified and young drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 can only buy first cars and replacement cars that are relatively affordable, as motoring isn’t cheap. Your car breaking down in the early years of your driving history sucks, so to […]

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15 February 2017

Small car facts sure to raise your eyebrows

Carrot Insurance’s young-driver customers tend to drive small cars, which are now often dubbed ‘superminis’ or ‘city cars’ in magazines and on TV shows like Top Gear, Fifth Gear and The Grand Tour. With the top 5 most popular cars insured by Carrot made up of the Renault Clio, Peugeot 206, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta […]

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4 February 2017

Get involved – if your car has a name, share a pic with us!

The results of a survey of one thousand drivers were published just before Christmas and found that one in seven people have given their cars a name. The fun study by BuyaCar.co.uk discovered that out of the near-enough 14% who admitted nicknaming their motors, 30% of them turned out to be female – double the […]

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28 January 2017

10 reasons why tyres aren’t as boring as you might think

Okay, they may just be pretty uninteresting black circles at face value, but if you stop and think for a moment, the four tyres are literally the only contact between you, your car and the road beneath, at speeds of anywhere upto 70mph. It’s a humbling thought, right? At Carrot HQ everything we do revolves […]

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15 January 2017

Driving trends and predictions for 2017

It may not be the coolest subject but nobody could really escape politics in 2016, which saw two huge decisions made – Brexit and Donald Trump getting elected. In fact, 64% of young people aged 18 to 24 turned out to vote in the EU referendum, which was double the number many people expected. What’s […]

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9 December 2016

Meet the new Ford Fiesta and its four faces

As regular readers of The Root will know, we like to bring you the latest news on small cars from time to time and this is one we simply can’t ignore. The Ford Fiesta has been the best-selling car here in the UK for many years, notching up over 50% more registrations during 2016 than […]

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17 November 2016

New small cars coming in 2017

If you feel like this year’s absolutely whizzed by, you’re not alone. Yup, it’s that time again already and we’re not referring to the once a year horror of having to swallow down some brussel sprouts and pretend you like them. That particular Bushtucker-Trial-rivalling challenge will be here soon enough, but in the meantime it’s […]

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13 October 2016

Our picks from the Paris Motor Show

This week on The Root we bring you the highlights we’ve picked out from the Paris Motor Show which has been taking place for the last week or so and still has a few days left to run. Yep, some ridiculously exotic Ferraris, Mercedes and a Maybach all with price tags high enough to make […]

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29 September 2016

10 shades of orange – the best city cars in our fav’ colour

When I nipped down to the supermarket recently, it stuck me how popular insanely brightly coloured cars have become. Maybe it’s because we Brits are sick of the gloomy weather here or we’re becoming less shy about expressing ourselves. Now that the nights are drawing in, what’s better than to strut out of your dull […]

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