18 August 2016

New Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC EX Navi CVT: in tune or a bum note?

Honda’s much-loved supermini has always been the right kind of size for young and newly qualified drivers, with dimensions making it easier to manoeuvre, lower insurance and cheap running costs. Over the years, it’s mainly proved a hit with the older generation, though, who love its extremely practical and reliable image. Honda has shaken things […]

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11 August 2016

1-litre Suzuki Baleno – any good? Here’s our full road-test

This new Suzuki’s name, which sounds like something you’d come across in a supermarket on holiday in a place like Greece or Spain, actually appeared on a model they sold in the UK in the mid-90s. The all-new Baleno is a smallish car that sits between the Swift and the S-Cross in Suzuki’s range, the […]

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23 June 2016

A look at the smaller electric cars out there

Not that long ago, hybrid and electric cars tended to look like either fish or alien spacecraft, meaning a serious ‘thumbs down’ in the beauty stakes. Things have moved on rapidly and positively in the last few years and a huge range of electric cars have sprung up. Very few people can afford something as […]

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11 May 2016

Which brands and small cars are the most reliable?

Running a car isn’t exactly cheap these days and the last thing any young driver wants is to have to shell out money on unexpected repairs because their car isn’t very reliable. Fortunately, various organisations put a lot of effort into crunching real-life data to tell the British public which car brands and models really […]

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4 May 2016

Picks (and plenty of pics) from the Beijing Motor Show

Have you heard of companies called BAIC, Great Wall, Brilliance, Qoros or Guangzhou? Okay, how about Chery, Dongfeng or Geely? You’ve probably guessed by now that they are Chinese brands and something to do with cars. That’s right, they’re all manufacturers from the world’s most populated country, home to over 1.35 billion. Most people have heard […]

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14 April 2016

Top tips for young drivers buying a used car

Maybe you’ve been daydreaming about buying yourself a new (to you) car as a treat for graduating from university in a few months’ time, or you could be in the fortunate position of having been given some money to put towards a car for travelling to and from a new job you’ve landed. Here are […]

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7 April 2016

Motoring’s future – awesome, awful or a bit of both?

Car technology is racing ahead at such a speed, with exciting new announcements made by automotive firms almost every week. Pushing gadgets and entertainment to one side for a moment, the hottest topics in the motoring world are electric and driverless vehicles. Google, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Renault-Nissan, Ford and other companies have already built cars […]

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31 March 2016

Happy 25th birthday, Clio!

Tuesday 29th March 2016 wasn’t just the dreaded first day back to work, college and other routines after the Easter bank holiday weekend. It also marked 25 years since the exact date on which the ever-popular Renault Clio was launched. If you’re good at maths, you’ll have worked out that the Clio’s long journey here […]

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17 March 2016

Ten excellent money-saving tips for young drivers

We all like to save money to spend on things that are fun, minimising the amount we have to shell out on boring stuff. Running a car is one of the most expensive things in the lives of many people, so this week is all about money-saving tips for the young motorists we insure. Air […]

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11 February 2016

Celebrities’ reasonably priced cars there’s a chance you also drive

On The Root, we like to keep it real. Besides, who doesn’t feel a twinge of envy when they catch a glimpse of a celebrity climbing out of their snazzy supercar in the Daily Mail or some other publication? This week we’re serving up a look at celebrities’ first cars plus affordable, reasonably priced cars […]

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