7 January 2016

Motoring events coming up in 2016

Another year means another conveyor belt of exciting car events, motor shows, motorsport and other days out involving things on four wheels. Next week, The Root will be bringing you a roundup of the best bits from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, which is taking part in the glitzy city of Las Vegas right […]

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2 January 2016

Cars on the way in 2016

We hope all you readers of The Root had a lovely Christmas and New Year with your families and friends, getting the presents you hoped for, your journeys having gone smoothly and safely and maybe even one or two Brussels sprouts having bravely being munched. 2016 is now here so we thought it’d be fitting […]

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22 December 2015

The top five models Carrot Insurance covers

Elves were all too busy, which is understandable, and Minions were apparently washing their hair, which is a little harder to believe, but we were determined to get some juicy Carrot stats online before Christmas Day – so our hard-working, Christmas jumper-wearing team got cracking. Our mission was to identify the top five models of […]

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13 November 2015

Time to replace your car?

Cars are brilliant most of the time, providing a means of getting to university, work, mates and relatives’ houses, gigs and the like, much more comfortably than using public transport. Holding the keys to their very own cars gives younger people a real buzz, freedom on the open road suddenly opened up to them, followed […]

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29 October 2015

Driven: Jeep Renegade + SsangYong Tivoli crossovers

Unless they’ve been living on a desert island, most people will have noticed that cars these days seem to be getting taller and generally chunkier, manufacturers from budget to posh brands all racing to introduce ‘crossover’ cars which blend various elements together, such as a hatchback shape and practicality but with the height of a […]

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8 October 2015

A car designed for social media addicts

My grandma sometimes used to tell my cousin and I off, or at least have a bit of a dig at us, saying our smartphones were always strapped to our hips and had become an extension of our bodies. The slightly scary thing is, she used to say that in the days before I’d even […]

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3 September 2015

The stars come out for Fiat’s new 500

Eva Herzigova, Pixie Lott and Arnold Oceng joined Ella Eyre in London’s Potters Field Park yesterday at the spectacular and memorable launch party for Fiat’s new 500. To celebrate the remastering of this diddy automotive icon from Italy, Ella took to the stage to perform a remastered version of The Emotions’ hit song “Best of […]

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1 July 2015

Japan’s fabulous Kei Cars

I’ve heard a lot about Japan, as my wife lived there for three years as an English teacher. It sounds like a wonderful country, if a little quirky. As well as being a pioneer of technology, home to the bullet train and renowned for its chopstick-oriented cuisine and stunning flora and fauna, Japan can also […]

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26 June 2015

Get your top off this summer

Naturally, I’m talking about cars and more specifically, convertibles. Summer 2015’s not been upto much weather-wise so far, but there’s still plenty of it left, with time to organise barbecues and maybe even buy a cabriolet, to get the wind in your hair out on the open road. Buying a new car is often expensive […]

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19 June 2015

Meet the electrifying Tesla Model S

Don’t worry, we’ve not gone mad. We know that most of you, our customers, don’t have £80,000 lurking around in your wallets and purses, but 18-30-year-olds often have an inseparable relationship with their smartphones and like keeping up with the latest in technology. This month, then, I thought you might like a glimpse into what’s […]

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