30 September 2015

After the Volkswagen emissions ‘scandal’, is petrol better?

For the last week or so, the news has been flooded with the Volkswagen emissions story. Many have dubbed it a disgusting, fraudulent scandal. On the other hand, Jeremy Clarkson, known for his controversial views, has blamed it all on environmentalists. Calling it ‘harmless cheating’, he likens what VW has done to including a white […]

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6 August 2015

Summer motoring news

This week we’re bringing you the lowdown on motoring news relevant to young drivers, along with a few reminders to keep you safe and out of trouble, plus a couple of news snippets that’ll interest younger car fans. The summer budget and young drivers Hot on the heels of the traditional spring-time budget, Mr Osborne […]

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10 April 2015

Motoring news roundup

The country’s basking in cracking weather at the moment which means most of you will be outdoors enjoying barbecues, knocking a football around in a park with your mates, getting back into fitness or just soaking up the rays. The Root this week is all about what’s happening in the world of driving and motoring, […]

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27 February 2015

If public transport’s got your goat, which city cars are more reliable?

If you feel that fares keep going up but buses and trains never seem to improve in reliability or comfort, you’re not alone. Recent surveys by Passenger Focus and Which? magazine have shown that UK-wide train travel satisfaction levels have dropped by 2% in the last year, which might not sound a lot, but will […]

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20 February 2015

Check your diaries – it’s our car events roundup

Last month we took a look at a selection of great music festivals coming up in 2015. This time, we thought we’d bring you the low-down on our pick of car-related events for the year ahead. Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015 If you’re really into cars and motor racing, particularly with a historic slant, the […]

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26 January 2015

Some people want the driving age raised to 18, 21 or even 24!

Like most young people we know, are you someone who can’t wait to get behind the wheel, seeing learning to drive as the gateway to freedom and independence? We completely agree that being able to drive is a lifetime skill that will open up so many things for you. Here in the UK, ever since […]

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24 December 2014

Drive safely for a chance to be at The BRIT Awards 2015 with MasterCard

At Carrot, we’re all about rewarding safe driving – and the rewards don’t come much bigger than this! Statistics show that road accidents happen more often during the dark winter months, so to encourage our customers to be extra vigilant whilst they’re out and about over Christmas and into the New Year, we’re launching a […]

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8 December 2014

Intimidating drivers getting some of you all in a stew

Here at Carrot HQ, we’re being contacted by a growing number of our valued policyholders who are concerned that the treasured Driving Style score they’ve been working so hard to maintain has been tarnished by bully drivers looming up in their rear view mirrors, making them feel forced to speed up. It’s not surprising that […]

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26 November 2014

Guardian angel technology protects drivers in risky hotspots

New figures reveal risky road hotspots in the UK 720,000 road casualties in 2013 6.2 per cent increase in young driver road accident frequency since October ‘Guardian Angel’ telematics technology is shaping the future of road safety An alarming 6,393 more car accidents happen on UK roads in winter than in summer , and with […]

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8 November 2014

No joy on this ride

Car thief unwittingly scores a perfect 10 for safe driving performance on Carrot’s customer telematics unit A smooth criminal racked up a perfect driving score on a Carrot customer’s telematics box, after stealing the youngster’s car from outside his place of work. Alex Cooper, 17, from Oldham, Manchester, was left devastated after his car was […]

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