23 March 2017

Parents of young drivers encouraged by abundant road safety campaigns

Viewing things from the perspective of parents has always been part of our DNA as a leading car insurance provider for young drivers. We appreciate that it can be an emotional time when young sons and daughters start taking driving lessons and especially once they pass their practical driving test and can drive freely on […]

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16 March 2017

Driving test changes for 2017

Along with stuff like choosing which A-level subjects and degree course to take, getting the keys to your own rented or mortgaged property and walking down the aisle, learning to drive and passing the practical test has got to be up there with life’s big moments. The most major change last made to driving tests […]

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8 March 2017

All you need to know about the new mobile phone laws for drivers

For anyone who’s been living in a bubble without Wi-Fi or 3G for the last few months, a reality TV star really did get inaugurated as America’s next president, it’s sadly a month too early to be an April fool to discover that Claudio Ranieri got the boot despite the amazing things he did for […]

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23 February 2017

Brush up on dashboard warning lights to reduce those ‘eek!’ moments

For all motorists, from the newly-qualified and young drivers we look after here at Carrot right up to experienced pros with decades behind the wheel, seeing a dashboard warning light illuminate can bring on that sinking feeling. The AA attends almost 20,000 dashboard warning light-related call-outs each month with annual peaks in March and September […]

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20 December 2016

What to do if you break down in your car

No matter how long someone’s been driving, whether it’s for many decades or just a few months, suffering a car breakdown is never a nice experience, but it can be even more stressful and scary for young or newly-qualified drivers. This week on The Root, we bring you tips and advice on what to do. […]

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30 November 2016

What to do if you have a car accident or encounter one

All drivers, including ones who passed their tests so long ago that the colour TV wasn’t even invented yet, hope that they’ll never be involved in an accident. This is especially true for young and newly-qualified drivers who want to enjoy their newfound freedom, get a few years of MoT passes and no-claims bonuses under […]

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23 November 2016

Road Safety Week and 8 positive reasons for driving safely

Chances are that if you’re a fan of Carrot Insurance on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have noticed that this week is Road Safety Week. With 5 people killed and 60 injured every single day on UK roads, safe driving really does matter. This is especially true at a time when everyone from kids to grandparents […]

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3 November 2016

Young drivers and Continental’s ‘Vision Zero’ goal for tyre safety

If you’ve not heard of the brand name ‘Continental’, they make car tyres – and they’re very good at it. Founded way back in 1871, they’re now seen as the third biggest tyre company in the world1. Continental is actively involved in TyreSafe, the leading tyre safety organisation in the UK, and they’ve won a […]

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6 October 2016

10 facts and tips about driving too slowly

Breaking the speed limit is both illegal and dangerous, something that Carrot Insurance therefore strongly reminds our customers and other blog readers to avoid doing. Some drivers go to the extreme opposite and drive excessively slowly, though, which can be pretty dangerous too. We got stuck in and investigated the subject a bit more, to […]

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29 September 2016

Win £100 per day during Brake’s Road Safety Week 2016

Road safety is at the heart of what we do, so to support National Road Safety week (21 – 27 of November 2016) we are giving you the opportunity make your safe driving an even more rewarding experience.     Every day during road safety week we will be giving away a prize of £100 […]

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