19 November 2015

Road Safety Week 2015 is all about… driving less!

Most of the team here at Carrot Insurance love cars. I, for one, have been mad about them since I was a kid. Despite getting a buzz from driving for several reasons I have to admit, though, that Brake, the charity behind the annual Road Safety Week, has a point. We all probably should ‘drive […]

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20 August 2015

Improve your driving skills: Anticipation

The début in a new series of safety and skills tips featured on The Root, we kick things off by looking at anticipation and how it can help young people become more mature, calmer, safer and actually more economical behind the wheel. Anticipation is really all about reading your surroundings and remaining aware by keeping […]

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13 August 2015

Advanced driving courses: become an even better driver

If you ever end up being given a ride by someone who appears to be practicing Murray Walker impressions by talking about the route, other road users and what manoeuvres they are making, they might actually be preparing for an advanced driving test. Signing up for additional driving instruction not only gives you a warm, […]

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17 July 2015

Avoid being an annoying driver

We’ve all been there. Late for college, work, sports club, an interview or a party, we get stuck behind example after example of what we can only bear think of as idiots, who make us even later. The thing is, nobody’s perfect at driving, not even Lewis Hamilton. I bet even he occasionally falls into […]

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10 July 2015

Summer driving tips

With UK temperatures having exceeded 30 degrees in some places lately, summer 2015 may well shape up to be a memorable one. Just because the sun has got his hat on making everyone feel peachier about life for a while, driving during summer months comes with its own challenges, so here’s how to stay cool […]

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11 June 2015

Talking safety again – because it matters

If you didn’t know that this month marks eighty years since the driving test was first introduced in Britain, you do now. Learning to drive is one of those things most young people find themselves itching to do as soon as possible and nobody can blame you. After all, public transport’s pretty pathetic sometimes, so […]

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15 May 2015

The message is clear – #DriveSafe

On Wednesday, Carrot Insurance hosted a Twitter discussion on the safety of young drivers, with the aim of finding out what people think should be done to make the roads a safer place. Research by JAM PR on Carrot’s behalf shows that one in eight young drivers are unaware of the new drug-driving laws, 25% […]

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