27 July 2017

A video guide to pairing Carrot’s Better Driver app to your car using Bluetooth

When a customer buys a Better Driver policy with Carrot Insurance, they will need to pair our app to their car using Bluetooth. Some relatively modern cars have Bluetooth built in, but many older cars don’t have a ‘native’ Bluetooth system. Fortunately, Carrot came up with an excellent solution called the Wingman. It enables customers whose cars […]

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15 July 2017

Prepare to be amazed…

If we’re honest, loads of us like to catch at least a few minutes of celebrity ‘reality’ TV shows and do a bit of lifestyle daydreaming. It’s the same with the world of autonomous or ‘driverless’ cars. Even if they were allowed on public roads, they’d currently be way too expensive for most people to […]

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8 November 2016

Getting from A to B the futuristic way

Unless you’ve been living on a remote Pacific island for the last year or so, you’ll probably have heard or read something about car manufacturers testing their driverless or ‘autonomous’ vehicles on the road for real. Even if driving laws like the Highway Code are updated along with motor insurance standards to allow autonomous vehicles […]

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21 September 2016

Scientists making passengers sick on purpose – what’s the world coming to?

Autonomous or ‘driverless’ cars are the hot topic these days, not just in the automotive field but also in science, technology and social studies. A few, ahem, potholes stand in the way of them becoming a reality, though, from road laws and expensive prices, to logistics and managing to win over everyday motorists. But there’s […]

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1 September 2016

Apple CarPlay – the lowdown

Hands up if your smartphone is so important to you that it has pretty much become an extension of your body and you simply couldn’t cope without it. This describes so many people of all ages these days, even grandparents, but it’s especially true with younger people, rather like Carrot’s policyholders. Unless you’ve been in […]

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21 July 2016

Want to be a Better Driver? Car doesn’t have Bluetooth? No problemo!

If you and your friends, workmates or family have ever argued over who is the best driver, Better Driver from Carrot Insurance is the perfect way to prove it. Created after the success of our original ‘New Driver’ black box ‘telematics’ and app package for young and newly-qualified drivers with 2 years’ driving experience or […]

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14 January 2016

Gadgets galore at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016

In our pick of the UK car-related events coming up in 2016, published last week on The Root, we mentioned the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which happened this month, over the ‘pond’ in Las Vegas. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to have figured out that the CES is all about electronics. A […]

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5 November 2015

Futuristic hydrogen cars – once a dream, now reality

You’d be forgiven for thinking that electric cars will become the norm’ in the near future, as manufacturers, scientists and governments try to peel civilisation away from relying on smelly diesel and petrol vehicles. One of the few snags with the amazing, all-electric Tesla Model S I drove for a week earlier this year is […]

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24 September 2015

What’s Mariah Carey got to do with testing Nissan cars?

The same question could be asked about grizzly bears, robots and a bottle of green tea effectively costing €50,000. This week, Japanese car manufacturer Nissan revealed to the world the extraordinary lengths it goes to when testing its crossover cars, like the popular Juke. Since 2007 when Nissan first got its crossover thing going with […]

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13 March 2015

The swings and roundabouts of driverless cars

With polluting diesels potentially on the way out in the not-too-distant future and hybrid and electric cars shouting from the rooftops about how green they are, the future of motoring is all going to be down to clever technology, and the hot topic at the moment is driverless cars. Google has its hands in so […]

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