6 July 2017

Driving and hay fever: a young driver’s guide

With mega itchy eyes, constant sneezing, a prickly throat and a nose that never seems to stop running, hay fever can be truly horrid, affecting exams, work, downtime and even driving. From March right through to September, anyone who suffers from hay fever has got our sympathy. At least you’re not alone, with tens of […]

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8 June 2017

Get clued up on these driving tips and rules not many people are aware of

Whatever age you are, but especially if you’re a young or newly-qualified driver who has not long had your licence, we’ve rounded up some excellent real-world driving tips plus some reminders on laws of the road that people sometimes forget. Blind spots made safer Most drivers we insure can’t afford fancy new cars with blind […]

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14 April 2017

Places to drive to this Easter

It’s time for a mini fist-pump moment with the Easter bank holiday weekend just two days away. Although the roads might be busy at times, it’s a great opportunity in the hopefully sunny weather to go and visit some new places and do some different things. With our young driver customers in mind as always, […]

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1 April 2017

Our favourite April Fools’ pranks from the car world

It’s April already and many of us will soon be scoffing Easter eggs and enjoying a long weekend off work, but the month’s first ‘event’ is, of course, today, the very first day, when various people and organisations play tricks and have a bit of a laugh. As we’re in the car industry, we thought […]

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28 February 2017

A guide to taking out insurance with Carrot

Depending on your age, you might remember the large green driving licence counterparts printed on real paper. Yup, how old-fashioned! The government scrapped printed counterparts in June 2015, partly to save paper, taking everything online. You can read about it here on GOV.UK if you like. Paper counterparts were often required to be shown by […]

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19 January 2017

As cool as a Carrot customer

Okay, we know the phrase is ‘cool as a cucumber’, not a carrot, but this week on The Root we wanted to give our young, newly-qualified and improvement-seeking drivers a glimpse into how ‘telematics’ insurance policies have become more and more trendy. ‘Telematics’ basically means technology that uses telecommunications to transmit digital information, which for […]

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2 January 2017

New Year’s Resolutions for wannabe, newly-qualified and young drivers

It’s almost hard to believe it but after all the months of hype and what feels like a zillion mince pies and sprouts consumed and crackers pulled, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are all but faint memories with January now in full swing. We’ve rounded up some really positive car and driving-related New Year’s resolutions […]

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25 December 2016

12 best blogs for young drivers on The Root in 2016

Whenever you’ve stayed in on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the occasion with family and friends, you’ll probably have seen one of those TV programmes looking back at the last twelve months. At the same time as wishing all our policyholders and readers a very happy Christmas and New Year, we thought we’d do the […]

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29 October 2016

All about: Driving Style scores

As a young driver insurer, we keenly listen to our customers’ feedback and post Query of the Week tips on social media, with pointers on how to get the most out of our telematics policies. It’s clear that quite a few drivers Carrot looks after aren’t totally sure how their Driving Style scores are calculated […]

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20 October 2016

Car insurance for young drivers: a guide for parents

If your son or daughter has recently passed their practical driving test after months or perhaps even years of lessons, they can be given a wholehearted pat on the back from us – congratulations! No doubt any young adults in your family who have just gained their licences to freedom are now itching to get […]

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