14 September 2016

If IKEA sold flat-pack trucks…

Regular fans of The Root will know that we get excited about all kinds of cars and other vehicles, and we also love sharing news about projects that benefit people’s lives. With these two passions in mind, along with our reckoning that plenty of our young car insurance customers aged 17-30 will either have attempted […]

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14 July 2016

What’s your biggest driving pet hate?

Driving can often be really enjoyable, moseying along fun roads surrounded by lovely scenery, with the sun’s warm rays overhead and a lovely breeze through the open window. Sometimes, though, driving can be utterly miserable and frustrating, perhaps because of bad weather, delays or roadworks. At other times, however, it’s fellow road users who are […]

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7 July 2016

This week’s hot motoring topics

In the week that Chris Evans quit Top Gear and Wales’ Euro 2016 dreams finally came to an end, The Root looks at some of the motoring issues being discussed in the media to see what lessons young drivers can take from them. Be careful at T-junctions Contributed to by organisations including the AA, British […]

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5 April 2016

Underwriters: Explained

Just what exactly is an underwriter? If you’ve ever claimed on your insurance policy, or needed to make a significant change to your cover, you may have heard some of our advisors talk about ‘the underwriter’ No they aren’t some wannabe wrestler, more a decision maker on all aspects of your insurance. Underwriters decide your […]

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23 March 2016

Top 5 ‘Easter Eggs’ – but not of the chocolate variety!

For decades, video game designers have been sneaking hidden messages, features and witty little design jokes into their products, from Star Wars and GTA to NBA Jam Tournament Edition and classic video games like Zelda, which your older siblings or even parents are more likely to remember. These fascinating, hard-to-find bits of code are actually […]

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22 March 2016

How to improve your smoothness and usage score

Seasoned Carrot customers will know the higher your score the more cash back rewards you can earn but while speed is pretty straight forward –  stick within the speed limits and you won’t go far wrong –  smoothness and usage can prove to be a trickier score to get your head around. So to ensure […]

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15 March 2016

Why Carrot don’t offer cover for modified cars

No doubt about it, negotiating your first year of driving is tough, and sometimes it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying a modified car. Ask most people what they consider to be a modification and the answer you’ll receive is ‘huge spoilers and blacked out windows’. Both correct, but a modification is any […]

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21 January 2016

Hours of fun with YouGov Profiles

Can you think of a time when you visited a website on the spur of the moment and became so engrossed in it that your mates or family thought you’d disappeared? One website which did that to me lately and has become positively addictive is called YouGov Profiles. It’s actually intended as a tool for […]

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10 December 2015

Car finance in a nutshell

Don’t fret – we’re not going to suggest selling all your belongings on that well-known online auction website, or washing neighbours’ cars for extra cash, but we thought it might be useful to briefly weigh up the pros and cons of the various ways of paying for a new or used car, after publishing a […]

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