26 November 2015

Eyebrow-raising driving laws from around the world

Anyone who thinks that the Highway Code governing driving in England, Scotland and Wales is pretty strict may well reconsider their view after taking in some driving laws from around the world. Some are unusual but undeniably sensible, whilst some could be considered downright wacky. Okay, a few of them only still exist because rule […]

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19 November 2015

Don’t let your Carrot Card go mouldy in a drawer – use it!

Being a good driver feels amazing. You park in the trickiest spaces with no trouble, passed your test with no minors, and even your dad compliments your three-point turn. But imagine being a good driver, earning cash back rewards*, but then never using them. That’s exactly what just under a third of Carrot policyholders are […]

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28 August 2015

The big Carrot survey part 1 – which car makes do our customers drive?

Go on, admit it, we all love being nosey parkers at times, right? Besides, statistics aren’t always boring, like finding out which car makes our insurance customers drive. Without further ado, let’s get down to the juicy details. Because we provide telematics or ‘black box’ insurance to new and young drivers typically aged between 17 […]

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31 July 2015

School children learning to drive: a good idea?

This week, a government petition has been started in the hope that politicians will get driving tuition added to the school curriculum as soon as possible, in a bid to reduce accidents and deaths among young drivers. The petition is led by Young Driver, the largest pre-17 driving lesson provider in the country, and has […]

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24 July 2015

Love cars just as much as movies?

The internet’s great. You can find more or less anything on it. I know car insurance is a necessity but for those of you who are genuine petrolheads and who also love watching rented or streamed movies, there’s one website you really need to get digging. It’s called the Internet Movie Cars Database, which is […]

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8 May 2015

Motoring sites worth digging on the interweb

Nowadays, people (me included) can’t seem to put their smartphones and tablets down, even when their favourite TV show or film is on, so this week I thought I’d suggest a few motoring-related sites on the interweb that are worth dipping your carrot sticks in and out of when the mood suits. WreckedExotics.com   One […]

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27 March 2015

Hot small cars coming in 2015

What a week it’s been in the world of motoring, with Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear contract not being renewed by the BBC, heralding the somewhat sad end of an era. Oh, and there was Zayn’s departure from One Direction to get over, too. Still, those actions in any other workplace would result in the same […]

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21 March 2015

Look the part in 2015… wearing stuff like your parents may have worn

Spring is here and we’re leaving the car keys on the sideboard for once, looking at what’s hot in the world of fashion for this week’s edition of The Root. Relax, the orange and green carrot look isn’t on trend for 2015. One thing’s for sure, though – none of the must-have styles are anything […]

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31 January 2015

A month on from the festivities, we take a look at festivals

For many of us, the Christmas and New Year holiday was a time when we started thinking about the year ahead, from serious things like moving home, hospital operations and career changes to more fun things like buying new cars, getting married, booking holidays and organising a weekend away with friends. We thought we’d have […]

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