19 November 2015

Don’t let your Carrot Card go mouldy in a drawer – use it!

Being a good driver feels amazing. You park in the trickiest spaces with no trouble, passed your test with no minors, and even your dad compliments your three-point turn.

But imagine being a good driver, earning cash back rewards*, but then never using them. That’s exactly what just under a third of Carrot policyholders are doing. Are they mad? Well no, actually – just a little unsure, it seems.

When Carrot was merely a seed, the idea of rewarding good drivers was created. Your grandma may bang on about the benefits of broccoli, but does it give you money for those shoes you want? Didn’t think so.

Carrot Card with Logos

Maybe this scenario describes you. You’ve had your Carrot Insurance policy a while, and one day a card dropped through the letterbox. Your mum was up in arms. “A MasterCard?” she cried.  “You’re seventeen. What are they doing sending you one of those?” I can picture her now, grabbing the letter off you and calling customer services, your Carrot Card ending up buried in a drawer somewhere.

To put yourself back on the road to getting those shoes you want, all thanks to your brilliant driving, next time you tell your mum about your great driving score for what feels like the hundredth time, let her know that the letter explains that the card is more a top-up debit rather than a fear-inducing credit card.

Yes, you’ll need to read the terms and conditions and activate it to get a PIN, but then you’ll see that your Carrot Card is accepted at Topshop and Topman. Suddenly, all that time driving slowly over speed bumps will seem worth it.

Save it, spend it, use it towards top-up miles or for taking that guy or girl you like to the cinema. It’s yours. No catches. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Good driver, we salute you.

* Only applicable to customers who started their policies before 5th October 2017

Written by Kim Richards