4 February 2017

Get involved – if your car has a name, share a pic with us!

The results of a survey of one thousand drivers were published just before Christmas and found that one in seven people have given their cars a name. The fun study by BuyaCar.co.uk discovered that out of the near-enough 14% who admitted nicknaming their motors, 30% of them turned out to be female – double the 15% of males.

After crunching the data and grouping the car nicknames into ‘male’, ‘female’ and ‘silly’ categories, the ladies seem to go for cartoon characters like Bambi or Asterix, while blokes are just as likely to give their cars a female, male or neutral ‘silly’ name such as Tardis.

Not always the names you’d expect

Quite a lot of cars have been christened with macho names, like a Fiat Punto, Audi A4 estate and Volkswagen Golf sharing the name Arnie. The most popular name overall is ‘The Beast’ (the same nickname given to the President of the United States’ limo) and before you start assuming that we’ll rattle off a list of 4x4s and other tough-looking cars, we can reveal that a Fiat Grande Punto (which was Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe’s first wheels), a Nissan van, a really ugly Korean people-carrier called a SsangYong Rodius and a diesel Vauxhall Astra have all been named The Beast.

In the same kind of way, the cute name Pixie has been given to a grown-up Jaguar saloon and a really long and mature Skoda Estate, which sort of doesn’t make sense, we know. More predictably, quite a few people who took part in the survey call their Suzuki cars ‘Suzi’.

What about cars owned by people in the Carrot office?

This is the bit you’ve no doubt been itching to get to, finding out what names we’ve given to our cars…

‘Harriet’ – the Honda Civic owned by Tom, our Digital Customer Engagement Executive

Popular Car Names blog stats facts survey - Tom Harriet Honda Civic

‘Pedro’ – the Peugeot 208 owned by Holly, our Compliance Executive

Popular Car Names blog stats facts survey - Holly and Pedro the Peugeot

‘Hubert’ – the squidgy beige luxury Renault our blogger Olly’s just sold

Popular Car Names blog stats facts survey - Olly Oliver Hammond Hubert Renault Vel Satis

Other car names in the Carrot office include…

  • Kathryn Wilson’s Fiat 500 called Nigel
  • John James’ car called Betty

…and we’ll keep adding to this page each time someone else admits to having nicknamed their car! 😉

Now it’s your turn

We actually can’t wait to know what you, our New Driver and Better Driver customers, have nicknamed your motors with – so come find us on Twitter or Facebook and post a pic of your car, telling us its name. Unless you’re shy, it’d be great if the photo includes you standing by or sitting in your car. Once we’ve heard from enough Carrot drivers, we’ll contact some of you for permission and start putting together a gallery!

Oliver Hammond

Written by Oliver Hammond

Oliver is an established freelance motoring writer, published journalist and automotive copywriter based in Manchester. He regularly reviews cars and covers events and launches as editor of petroleumvitae.com and his articles appear in various magazines each month. No relation to Richard from Top Gear, he’s got a weakness for luxo-barges, proper 4x4s and oddball cars.