3 August 2016

Holiday journeys, attractive pedestrians, blown-ups + Citroen C1 Furio – it’s the news!

We start the new month with a roundup of the hot motoring news stories affecting young drivers.

Going on holiday in your car?

This time of year sees loads of people in the UK drive to far-flung and rather gorgeous corners of the British Isles for their summer holidays, from the beaches of Devon, Cornwall, Brighton, Wales and Northumberland to the rolling Scottish Highlands and lush, green Lake District.

GEM Motoring Assist, a big breakdown and road safety organisation, reminds anyone who’s about to take their car on a long holiday journey that tiredness typically plays a part in a quarter of serious or fatal car crashes and contributes to around a fifth of road collisions in general, according to ROSPA.



Their advice for keeping drivers safe on long-distance holiday road-trips includes:

  • Sleeping well the night before you start each leg of the journey
  • Set off in plenty of time so you don’t end up rushing and posing more of a danger
  • Stop for at least a 15-minute break every two hours or 100 miles, stretch your legs, breathe in some fresh air and have a caffeine drink to perk yourself up
  • Anyone who will be on the road for a good chunk of a day should also stop for an hour around lunchtime
  • Share the driving if it’s possible to do so
  • When night-time comes, it’s time to park the car up and get some shut-eye

Neil from GEM says that all people travelling in a car should remain alert to the tell-tale signs that the driver is fatigued, which include loss of concentration, yawning, eye-rubbing, fidgeting around, drifting or regularly changing speed for no reason.

Young British drivers the most easily distracted by attractive pedestrians

Ford has done a survey of 6,500 young drivers from the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and, just as has long been the case here in the UK, car crashes are the primary cause of death for young people across these other European countries.

The 18-24-year-old drivers surveyed by Ford revealed that:

  • 57% break speed limits
  • 16% don’t always bother fastening their seatbelt
  • 57% say they drive more carefully when parents or grandparents are with them
  • 41% admit they drive more riskily when they’re with friends
  • 43% admit to texting whilst driving
  • 36% take phone calls on the move
  • 11% have even watched videos whilst behind the wheel
  • 13% haven’t let alcohol stop them driving on occasion
  • 20% have been present in a car that was stopped by the police
  • 68% feel more relaxed and care-free about driving during the summer (when more deaths occur)
  • 54% admit they’re a bit too casual about how they drive but 93% believe they’re good drivers deep down

What’s this about attractive pedestrians?

Ford really did include this in their young driver survey and found that young men are three times as distracted by attractive pedestrians than young women and the worst culprits for this, from all the European countries quizzed, are British blokes aged between 18 and 24.

Ford DSFL inflatable grown-ups blown-ups


Watch Ford’s hilarious spoof road safety video for young drivers below, which features inflatable adults acting as reminders, and find out more about their Driving Skills For Life programme.

Citroën launches a young driver special

The C1 has long been one of the most affordable city cars on the market and the French firm has just spiced things up by introducing a new version called the C1 Furio, its name alone potentially leaving people quaking in their boots.

Available from three days ago, on August 1st 2016, the 3-door Furio hatchback features cranked-up styling with eye-catching exterior graphics, black alloy wheels, a rear diffuser, central exhaust, unique Lipizzan White or Carlinite Grey paint jobs and Sunrise Red wing mirrors and wheel centres.

Citroen C1 Furio


With a sportier look taken care of, the Citroën C1 Furio is powered by either a 68hp VTi engine or a PureTech producing 82hp. Apparently, Citroën made a car in the 1990s called the Saxo Furio, and with prices for this feisty-looking C1 starting at £10,855, it sounds like quite a cool little car for young drivers after something brand new that won’t break the bank or cost an arm and a leg to insure.

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Oliver Hammond

Written by Oliver Hammond

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