15 November 2014

Korea meets (Made In) Chelsea as Jamie learns to drive

How would you feel if you had loads (and we mean mega-loads) of money, good looks, a playboy lifestyle and the ability to do whatever you wanted, except you had to be chauffeured everywhere because you haven’t learnt to drive? It might be a bit rubbish, not having the freedom to drive somewhere on your own, especially if you’re a Made in Chelsea TV star with your own portfolio of businesses and loads of parties to go to.

Chelsea ‘boi’ Jamie Laing, whose great-great-grandfather invented some of the nation’s yummiest biscuits including the Rich Tea, Digestive and the Jaffa Cake, is now learning to drive at long last, courtesy of Korean car maker Hyundai. They’ve given him a brand-spanking-new i10 car to learn in, but Jamie will have a hard job keeping onlookers at bay, as the car is splattered with his name and all kinds of other lettering. Oh well.

In at the deep end, in the West End

It was Jamie’s mum who gave him the final push to take the plunge and get behind the wheel, and Jamie may find it a bit daunting to learn to drive on the crazy streets of London, but he’s determined. Stats indicate that 47 lessons are on average needed, along with 20 hours of practice, before a learner passes their test. We wonder how long it will take Jamie!

Hyundai are supporting Jamie with his Candy Kittens confectionary business which he has recently been promoting at Waitrose and other places, and they have gone to great lengths in helping him learn to drive, matching him with the most suitable driving instructor they think he will gel with. Nice.

Made in Chelsea - 1

Eyes on the road, please

Jamie’s driving instructor is called Dean and has commented that the TV star and entrepreneur is “finding it hard to digest that I am the teacher. He’s used to giving orders, not receiving them. I wish he’d spot the road signs as well as he was spotting the young ladies that were walking past!”

Late August saw Jamie having a go at clutch control, turns and crossroads, in Hyundai’s latest version of the i10 city car. Last week, Jamie was instructed on hill starts and emergency stops and you can watch video clips of his lessons on YouTube and other places. Hyundai is keeping the world updated with Jamie’s progress, so we’ll let you know how he gets on and whether he finally passes his test!

Oliver Hammond

Written by Oliver Hammond

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