22 October 2015

New Product. New Website. Same Roots

At Carrot Insurance we continuously nurture our products and services with loads of love and we’re proud to announce that our new and improved crop of insurance solutions is more customer-focussed and rewarding than ever. How so?

New Driver

This is our car insurance product designed exclusively for newly qualified drivers or those under the age of 21 who have less than two years’ experience behind the wheel. It gives such drivers the chance to prove that they’re responsible, despite the wider car insurance industry often painting the picture that all youngsters drive dangerously, premiums remaining impossibly high as a result.

New Driver


Our ‘i-box’ telematics system is fitted to the car and monitors driving habits, awarding scores for good driving. New Driver customers can earn upto 15% of their annual insurance premiums back in cash rewards simply by driving sensibly, plus Carrot Card gives them 5% cashback at selected high street stores. What’s more, we don’t impose curfews, fines or penalties and customers can view their data any time they wish using our fancy mobile app*.

Better Driver

What if you’re over 21 and have more than two years’ driving experience, but don’t fancy being clobbered with a chunky premium by one of the more traditional insurance companies either? Carrot’s new product, Better Driver, will be just up your street, giving you the chance to prove that your driving is better than average too, getting rewarded for it as a result. Existing Carrot policyholders who reach 21 will be automatically migrated over to Better Driver.

Better Driver


Better Driver doesn’t involve a box being fitted to your car, as it ingeniously hooks onto your car’s Bluetooth telephone system in order to monitor your driving style. Customers can relax, knowing that Better Driver doesn’t eat up their mobile data allowance, is gentle when it comes to battery usage and doesn’t interfere with calls or music. Better Driver premiums are discounted from the get-go and drivers who keep the needles on their apps in the green for a week-long duration will earn themselves a fantastic weekly treat from one of our partners, which currently include Papa John’s, IC Cinemas, Hotel Chocolat and HMV Digital.

New Website

Carrot Insurance is also chuffed to let the world know about its zingy new website, which looks much fresher and glossier. New and existing customers can read up on New Driver and Better Driver, discover our awesome Fiat 500 i-deal offer and, of course, check out motoring related news more relevant to younger drivers on our blog, The Root.

New Carrot Insurance website


So, there you have it; a new product and a new website, both still underpinned by our roots and our philosophy of making car insurance a more rewarding experience. If you want to let us know what you think of Better Driver or the new Carrot Insurance website, or have any questions, give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook

* This paragraph and the image above are only applicable to customers who started their policies before 5th October 2017

Oliver Hammond

Written by Oliver Hammond

Oliver is an established freelance motoring writer, published journalist and automotive copywriter based in Manchester. He regularly reviews cars and covers events and launches as editor of petroleumvitae.com and his articles appear in various magazines each month. No relation to Richard from Top Gear, he’s got a weakness for luxo-barges, proper 4x4s and oddball cars.