16 December 2015

We’ve won an award!

Regular readers of The Root will know that we frequently champion road safety. After all, our funky car insurance products are based on rewarding younger motorists for driving carefully. Our team is therefore really chuffed that Carrot Insurance has won a road safety award, as it shows that our telematics products are indeed helping reduce […]

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10 December 2015

Car finance in a nutshell

Don’t fret – we’re not going to suggest selling all your belongings on that well-known online auction website, or washing neighbours’ cars for extra cash, but we thought it might be useful to briefly weigh up the pros and cons of the various ways of paying for a new or used car, after publishing a […]

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3 December 2015

Taking the pain out of driving in the rain

Wind the clocks back twelve months and our safe driving article was mainly focussed on freezing temperatures, snow and ice. December 2015’s now here and most of us haven’t seen any white stuff yet at all this year and have maybe only had to scrape ice off of our cars once or twice. So far […]

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26 November 2015

Eyebrow-raising driving laws from around the world

Anyone who thinks that the Highway Code governing driving in England, Scotland and Wales is pretty strict may well reconsider their view after taking in some driving laws from around the world. Some are unusual but undeniably sensible, whilst some could be considered downright wacky. Okay, a few of them only still exist because rule […]

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19 November 2015

Road Safety Week 2015 is all about… driving less!

Most of the team here at Carrot Insurance love cars. I, for one, have been mad about them since I was a kid. Despite getting a buzz from driving for several reasons I have to admit, though, that Brake, the charity behind the annual Road Safety Week, has a point. We all probably should ‘drive […]

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19 November 2015

Don’t let your Carrot Card go mouldy in a drawer – use it!

Being a good driver feels amazing. You park in the trickiest spaces with no trouble, passed your test with no minors, and even your dad compliments your three-point turn. But imagine being a good driver, earning cash back rewards*, but then never using them. That’s exactly what just under a third of Carrot policyholders are […]

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13 November 2015

Time to replace your car?

Cars are brilliant most of the time, providing a means of getting to university, work, mates and relatives’ houses, gigs and the like, much more comfortably than using public transport. Holding the keys to their very own cars gives younger people a real buzz, freedom on the open road suddenly opened up to them, followed […]

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5 November 2015

Futuristic hydrogen cars – once a dream, now reality

You’d be forgiven for thinking that electric cars will become the norm’ in the near future, as manufacturers, scientists and governments try to peel civilisation away from relying on smelly diesel and petrol vehicles. One of the few snags with the amazing, all-electric Tesla Model S I drove for a week earlier this year is […]

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29 October 2015

Driven: Jeep Renegade + SsangYong Tivoli crossovers

Unless they’ve been living on a desert island, most people will have noticed that cars these days seem to be getting taller and generally chunkier, manufacturers from budget to posh brands all racing to introduce ‘crossover’ cars which blend various elements together, such as a hatchback shape and practicality but with the height of a […]

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22 October 2015

New Product. New Website. Same Roots

At Carrot Insurance we continuously nurture our products and services with loads of love and we’re proud to announce that our new and improved crop of insurance solutions is more customer-focussed and rewarding than ever. How so? New Driver This is our car insurance product designed exclusively for newly qualified drivers or those under the […]

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