15 October 2015

Carrot’s answer to surging UK car insurance premiums

Imagine having to fork out 8.1% more for your car insurance than you did a year ago. Ouch – that’s gotta hurt, and according to the latest research by Confused.com in their Car Insurance Price Index, it’s exactly what’s been happening to car insurance premiums in the UK. In fact, the last three months alone […]

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8 October 2015

A car designed for social media addicts

My grandma sometimes used to tell my cousin and I off, or at least have a bit of a dig at us, saying our smartphones were always strapped to our hips and had become an extension of our bodies. The slightly scary thing is, she used to say that in the days before I’d even […]

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30 September 2015

After the Volkswagen emissions ‘scandal’, is petrol better?

For the last week or so, the news has been flooded with the Volkswagen emissions story. Many have dubbed it a disgusting, fraudulent scandal. On the other hand, Jeremy Clarkson, known for his controversial views, has blamed it all on environmentalists. Calling it ‘harmless cheating’, he likens what VW has done to including a white […]

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24 September 2015

What’s Mariah Carey got to do with testing Nissan cars?

The same question could be asked about grizzly bears, robots and a bottle of green tea effectively costing €50,000. This week, Japanese car manufacturer Nissan revealed to the world the extraordinary lengths it goes to when testing its crossover cars, like the popular Juke. Since 2007 when Nissan first got its crossover thing going with […]

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17 September 2015

James Bond 007: SPECTRE – stars and cars

When it comes to James Bond 007, I’ve always been a “take it or leave it” kind of guy, more interested in the cars than anything else. I’m getting quite excited about SPECTRE hitting UK cinemas in a mere five weeks’ time, though, the public getting to gorge on all things Bond on the same […]

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10 September 2015

2015 Frankfurt Motor Show – tasty teasers

Dreaming seldom harms anyone, so this week on The Root, I thought we’d give our lovely readers a glimpse of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens in a week’s time. Car makers keep releasing news of hot new cars that will feature at the show, but here’s my snapshot of the interesting stuff revealed […]

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3 September 2015

The stars come out for Fiat’s new 500

Eva Herzigova, Pixie Lott and Arnold Oceng joined Ella Eyre in London’s Potters Field Park yesterday at the spectacular and memorable launch party for Fiat’s new 500. To celebrate the remastering of this diddy automotive icon from Italy, Ella took to the stage to perform a remastered version of The Emotions’ hit song “Best of […]

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28 August 2015

The big Carrot survey part 1 – which car makes do our customers drive?

Go on, admit it, we all love being nosey parkers at times, right? Besides, statistics aren’t always boring, like finding out which car makes our insurance customers drive. Without further ado, let’s get down to the juicy details. Because we provide telematics or ‘black box’ insurance to new and young drivers typically aged between 17 […]

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20 August 2015

Improve your driving skills: Anticipation

The début in a new series of safety and skills tips featured on The Root, we kick things off by looking at anticipation and how it can help young people become more mature, calmer, safer and actually more economical behind the wheel. Anticipation is really all about reading your surroundings and remaining aware by keeping […]

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13 August 2015

Advanced driving courses: become an even better driver

If you ever end up being given a ride by someone who appears to be practicing Murray Walker impressions by talking about the route, other road users and what manoeuvres they are making, they might actually be preparing for an advanced driving test. Signing up for additional driving instruction not only gives you a warm, […]

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