6 August 2015

Summer motoring news

This week we’re bringing you the lowdown on motoring news relevant to young drivers, along with a few reminders to keep you safe and out of trouble, plus a couple of news snippets that’ll interest younger car fans. The summer budget and young drivers Hot on the heels of the traditional spring-time budget, Mr Osborne […]

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31 July 2015

School children learning to drive: a good idea?

This week, a government petition has been started in the hope that politicians will get driving tuition added to the school curriculum as soon as possible, in a bid to reduce accidents and deaths among young drivers. The petition is led by Young Driver, the largest pre-17 driving lesson provider in the country, and has […]

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24 July 2015

Love cars just as much as movies?

The internet’s great. You can find more or less anything on it. I know car insurance is a necessity but for those of you who are genuine petrolheads and who also love watching rented or streamed movies, there’s one website you really need to get digging. It’s called the Internet Movie Cars Database, which is […]

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17 July 2015

Avoid being an annoying driver

We’ve all been there. Late for college, work, sports club, an interview or a party, we get stuck behind example after example of what we can only bear think of as idiots, who make us even later. The thing is, nobody’s perfect at driving, not even Lewis Hamilton. I bet even he occasionally falls into […]

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10 July 2015

Summer driving tips

With UK temperatures having exceeded 30 degrees in some places lately, summer 2015 may well shape up to be a memorable one. Just because the sun has got his hat on making everyone feel peachier about life for a while, driving during summer months comes with its own challenges, so here’s how to stay cool […]

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1 July 2015

Japan’s fabulous Kei Cars

I’ve heard a lot about Japan, as my wife lived there for three years as an English teacher. It sounds like a wonderful country, if a little quirky. As well as being a pioneer of technology, home to the bullet train and renowned for its chopstick-oriented cuisine and stunning flora and fauna, Japan can also […]

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26 June 2015

Get your top off this summer

Naturally, I’m talking about cars and more specifically, convertibles. Summer 2015’s not been upto much weather-wise so far, but there’s still plenty of it left, with time to organise barbecues and maybe even buy a cabriolet, to get the wind in your hair out on the open road. Buying a new car is often expensive […]

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19 June 2015

Meet the electrifying Tesla Model S

Don’t worry, we’ve not gone mad. We know that most of you, our customers, don’t have £80,000 lurking around in your wallets and purses, but 18-30-year-olds often have an inseparable relationship with their smartphones and like keeping up with the latest in technology. This month, then, I thought you might like a glimpse into what’s […]

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11 June 2015

Talking safety again – because it matters

If you didn’t know that this month marks eighty years since the driving test was first introduced in Britain, you do now. Learning to drive is one of those things most young people find themselves itching to do as soon as possible and nobody can blame you. After all, public transport’s pretty pathetic sometimes, so […]

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4 June 2015

ŠKODA’s latest city car – Fab’ or not?

The third generation ŠKODA Fabia supermini looks sharp, that’s for sure, with an edgy, bold design full of crisp lines, geometric shapes, curves and shadows. My Corrida Red test car would’ve looked even cooler in SE L trim than SE, blinged up with black 17” alloys, privacy glass and fog lights, but the 15” Mato […]

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