27 May 2015

Mazda’s latest supermini – ‘2’ can play any game

If you’re contemplating buying an all-new Mazda2, you should think long and hard about it, as it could change your life. For a start, it’s a head-turner, so you won’t be able to go anywhere without people in the street giving you a double take. You may even decide to park it outside your lounge […]

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22 May 2015

Smaller, more affordable electric cars

Some of you may be thinking about looking to electric power when it comes to your next car, to do your bit for the environment. A lot of the attention tends to shine on pricier electric sports and prestige cars, like BMW’s i8 and the Tesla S, but more affordable all-electric cars are out there, […]

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15 May 2015

The message is clear – #DriveSafe

On Wednesday, Carrot Insurance hosted a Twitter discussion on the safety of young drivers, with the aim of finding out what people think should be done to make the roads a safer place. Research by JAM PR on Carrot’s behalf shows that one in eight young drivers are unaware of the new drug-driving laws, 25% […]

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8 May 2015

Motoring sites worth digging on the interweb

Nowadays, people (me included) can’t seem to put their smartphones and tablets down, even when their favourite TV show or film is on, so this week I thought I’d suggest a few motoring-related sites on the interweb that are worth dipping your carrot sticks in and out of when the mood suits. WreckedExotics.com   One […]

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1 May 2015

A hole lot of fun in the new Polo GTI

If you’ve ever hit it off so well with someone at a party that you could’ve carried on talking to them forever were it not for the fact you had to get some kip before work the next day, you’ll understand how the sweet little Polo GTI got under my skin. After an hour behind […]

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23 April 2015

Fiat’s new 500X – it’s a good ‘un

  What is it? Two days before it will take pride of place in showrooms throughout the UK, I pottered over to Iscoyd Park to get a first taste of Fiat’s new car, the 500X. If you’ve not seen the clever TV advert in which a butter-fingered old man in Italy no doubt blows his […]

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17 April 2015

Ten cool used cars for under £10k

If you’re a bit of a petrolhead like me, there’s a good chance you’ll often find yourself relentlessly thumbing up and down apps from AutoTrader, Gumtree, FreeAds and the like, drooling over various cars you don’t really have the money for. Imagine you won £20,000 on one of these daytime TV shows. Naturally, you would […]

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10 April 2015

Motoring news roundup

The country’s basking in cracking weather at the moment which means most of you will be outdoors enjoying barbecues, knocking a football around in a park with your mates, getting back into fitness or just soaking up the rays. The Root this week is all about what’s happening in the world of driving and motoring, […]

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4 April 2015

Searching for Seoul in Hyundai’s new i20 – full road test review

A road trip to the new i20’s home capital would’ve been much more of a hoot than testing it in the Mancunian rain that poured down for the whole week. It might’ve been tricky to twist the arm of Hyundai’s press office, though, plus I wouldn’t have been able to afford the fuel or accommodation […]

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27 March 2015

Hot small cars coming in 2015

What a week it’s been in the world of motoring, with Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear contract not being renewed by the BBC, heralding the somewhat sad end of an era. Oh, and there was Zayn’s departure from One Direction to get over, too. Still, those actions in any other workplace would result in the same […]

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