8 June 2017

Get clued up on these driving tips and rules not many people are aware of

Whatever age you are, but especially if you’re a young or newly-qualified driver who has not long had your licence, we’ve rounded up some excellent real-world driving tips plus some reminders on laws of the road that people sometimes forget. Blind spots made safer Most drivers we insure can’t afford fancy new cars with blind […]

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25 May 2017

Fancy becoming the next Younger Driver Ambassador?

Having a voice on a large stage and being able to bring about positive and very real differences that benefit a whole load of people is an opportunity most of us can only dream about. As a young driver insurer passionate about road safety, our eyes lit up when we were told that leading charity […]

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17 May 2017

Tips on making driving calmer in exam season

This time of year can be pretty tough to deal with for many students of all ages, from GCSEs and A Levels to BTEC/HND college coursework and university exams. It’s been making the headlines lately, an example being “Exam stress is ‘blighting lives of students’” in the Yorkshire Post. With student support organisations reporting that […]

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9 May 2017

Road safety: are you aware of the much tougher new speeding fines?

Think of what you earn in a week, then times that figure by seven. What does it come to? This is technically what a driver could now be fined if sentenced for speeding under the most serious category of much tougher new laws that kicked in on April the 24th. Yes, ouch. Okay, maximum fines […]

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4 May 2017

Young driver tips: handling emergency vehicle situations

Imagine for a moment that you’re driving in a big city for the first time as a newly-qualified driver, maybe in the biggie, London, or in another pretty large city like Manchester or Birmingham. With bus lanes, no entry signs, one way systems, large junctions and car park entrances to spot, taxis absolutely everywhere and […]

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19 April 2017

Young driver tips: how to drive past horses on the road

With several driving-related headlines involving horses making the news over the last few weeks, we thought our young and newly-qualified driver customers would appreciate some more information, tips and advice to keep them, horse-riders and horses themselves safer out on the roads. Evenings gradually getting lighter until June 21st and staying light for a good […]

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14 April 2017

Places to drive to this Easter

It’s time for a mini fist-pump moment with the Easter bank holiday weekend just two days away. Although the roads might be busy at times, it’s a great opportunity in the hopefully sunny weather to go and visit some new places and do some different things. With our young driver customers in mind as always, […]

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1 April 2017

Our favourite April Fools’ pranks from the car world

It’s April already and many of us will soon be scoffing Easter eggs and enjoying a long weekend off work, but the month’s first ‘event’ is, of course, today, the very first day, when various people and organisations play tricks and have a bit of a laugh. As we’re in the car industry, we thought […]

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29 March 2017

Our picks from the Geneva Motor Show 2017

The biggest and most important motor show in Europe, Geneva is heaven for people who are into their cars and even for gadget and tech-lovers. We were too focussed on helping our customers with car insurance to physically be there in Geneva, but if you’ve got a couple of minutes, get stuck into our roundup […]

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