23 March 2017

Parents of young drivers encouraged by abundant road safety campaigns

Viewing things from the perspective of parents has always been part of our DNA as a leading car insurance provider for young drivers. We appreciate that it can be an emotional time when young sons and daughters start taking driving lessons and especially once they pass their practical driving test and can drive freely on […]

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16 March 2017

Driving test changes for 2017

Along with stuff like choosing which A-level subjects and degree course to take, getting the keys to your own rented or mortgaged property and walking down the aisle, learning to drive and passing the practical test has got to be up there with life’s big moments. The most major change last made to driving tests […]

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8 March 2017

All you need to know about the new mobile phone laws for drivers

For anyone who’s been living in a bubble without Wi-Fi or 3G for the last few months, a reality TV star really did get inaugurated as America’s next president, it’s sadly a month too early to be an April fool to discover that Claudio Ranieri got the boot despite the amazing things he did for […]

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28 February 2017

A guide to taking out insurance with Carrot

Depending on your age, you might remember the large green driving licence counterparts printed on real paper. Yup, how old-fashioned! The government scrapped printed counterparts in June 2015, partly to save paper, taking everything online. You can read about it here on GOV.UK if you like. Paper counterparts were often required to be shown by […]

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23 February 2017

Brush up on dashboard warning lights to reduce those ‘eek!’ moments

For all motorists, from the newly-qualified and young drivers we look after here at Carrot right up to experienced pros with decades behind the wheel, seeing a dashboard warning light illuminate can bring on that sinking feeling. The AA attends almost 20,000 dashboard warning light-related call-outs each month with annual peaks in March and September […]

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15 February 2017

Small car facts sure to raise your eyebrows

Carrot Insurance’s young-driver customers tend to drive small cars, which are now often dubbed ‘superminis’ or ‘city cars’ in magazines and on TV shows like Top Gear, Fifth Gear and The Grand Tour. With the top 5 most popular cars insured by Carrot made up of the Renault Clio, Peugeot 206, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta […]

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4 February 2017

Get involved – if your car has a name, share a pic with us!

The results of a survey of one thousand drivers were published just before Christmas and found that one in seven people have given their cars a name. The fun study by BuyaCar.co.uk discovered that out of the near-enough 14% who admitted nicknaming their motors, 30% of them turned out to be female – double the […]

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28 January 2017

10 reasons why tyres aren’t as boring as you might think

Okay, they may just be pretty uninteresting black circles at face value, but if you stop and think for a moment, the four tyres are literally the only contact between you, your car and the road beneath, at speeds of anywhere upto 70mph. It’s a humbling thought, right? At Carrot HQ everything we do revolves […]

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19 January 2017

As cool as a Carrot customer

Okay, we know the phrase is ‘cool as a cucumber’, not a carrot, but this week on The Root we wanted to give our young, newly-qualified and improvement-seeking drivers a glimpse into how ‘telematics’ insurance policies have become more and more trendy. ‘Telematics’ basically means technology that uses telecommunications to transmit digital information, which for […]

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15 January 2017

Driving trends and predictions for 2017

It may not be the coolest subject but nobody could really escape politics in 2016, which saw two huge decisions made – Brexit and Donald Trump getting elected. In fact, 64% of young people aged 18 to 24 turned out to vote in the EU referendum, which was double the number many people expected. What’s […]

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