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9 December 2016

Meet the new Ford Fiesta and its four faces

As regular readers of The Root will know, we like to bring you the latest news on small cars from time to time and this is one we simply can’t ignore. The Ford Fiesta has been the best-selling car here in the UK for many years, notching up over 50% more registrations during 2016 than […]

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30 November 2016

What to do if you have a car accident or encounter one

All drivers, including ones who passed their tests so long ago that the colour TV wasn’t even invented yet, hope that they’ll never be involved in an accident. This is especially true for young and newly-qualified drivers who want to enjoy their newfound freedom, get a few years of MoT passes and no-claims bonuses under […]

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23 November 2016

Road Safety Week and 8 positive reasons for driving safely

Chances are that if you’re a fan of Carrot Insurance on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have noticed that this week is Road Safety Week. With 5 people killed and 60 injured every single day on UK roads, safe driving really does matter. This is especially true at a time when everyone from kids to grandparents […]

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17 November 2016

New small cars coming in 2017

If you feel like this year’s absolutely whizzed by, you’re not alone. Yup, it’s that time again already and we’re not referring to the once a year horror of having to swallow down some brussel sprouts and pretend you like them. That particular Bushtucker-Trial-rivalling challenge will be here soon enough, but in the meantime it’s […]

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8 November 2016

Getting from A to B the futuristic way

Unless you’ve been living on a remote Pacific island for the last year or so, you’ll probably have heard or read something about car manufacturers testing their driverless or ‘autonomous’ vehicles on the road for real. Even if driving laws like the Highway Code are updated along with motor insurance standards to allow autonomous vehicles […]

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3 November 2016

Young drivers and Continental’s ‘Vision Zero’ goal for tyre safety

If you’ve not heard of the brand name ‘Continental’, they make car tyres – and they’re very good at it. Founded way back in 1871, they’re now seen as the third biggest tyre company in the world1. Continental is actively involved in TyreSafe, the leading tyre safety organisation in the UK, and they’ve won a […]

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29 October 2016

All about: Driving Style scores

As a young driver insurer, we keenly listen to our customers’ feedback and post Query of the Week tips on social media, with pointers on how to get the most out of our telematics policies. It’s clear that quite a few drivers Carrot looks after aren’t totally sure how their Driving Style scores are calculated […]

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20 October 2016

Car insurance for young drivers: a guide for parents

If your son or daughter has recently passed their practical driving test after months or perhaps even years of lessons, they can be given a wholehearted pat on the back from us – congratulations! No doubt any young adults in your family who have just gained their licences to freedom are now itching to get […]

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13 October 2016

Our picks from the Paris Motor Show

This week on The Root we bring you the highlights we’ve picked out from the Paris Motor Show which has been taking place for the last week or so and still has a few days left to run. Yep, some ridiculously exotic Ferraris, Mercedes and a Maybach all with price tags high enough to make […]

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11 October 2016

Which country has the toughest driving test?

If you were a bag of nerves in the days and hours leading up to the day of your driving test here in the UK, spare a thought for learner drivers in some other countries around the world. Take Denmark, for example, where in order to secure their licence and gain their independence, examiners can […]

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