11 October 2016

Which country has the toughest driving test?

If you were a bag of nerves in the days and hours leading up to the day of your driving test here in the UK, spare a thought for learner drivers in some other countries around the world.

Take Denmark, for example, where in order to secure their licence and gain their independence, examiners can ask students to drive in a figure of eight, demonstrate a slalom manoeuvre not just forwards but in reverse as well, and drive on slippery surfaces.

Other countries require wannabe drivers to demonstrate defensive driving which some people have described as being like something out of GTA, whilst some countries don’t even test drivers before letting them loose on the road!

Foray Motor Group has put together an interesting infographic outlining the wide range of driving tests used in different countries, ranking them in terms of toughness.

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Toughest driving tests in the world by country infographic

Oliver Hammond

Written by Oliver Hammond

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